Balancing Development and Sustainability in Kitchener-Waterloo

Balancing Development and Sustainability in Kitchener-Waterloo

We caught this piece of news yesterday just in time for the re-launch of our new website – your online hub for driving community collaboration and connecting sustainable action in Waterloo Region!  Be sure to check out how you can connect to your local environmental movement, and find avenues for collaboration!

In a fast growing community, the trade-offs between environment and development can easily become conflicted.  The Region recently faced such a case when the decision for a partial sale of KW’s Iron Horse Trail went to Waterloo’s city council for the final decision.  The sale will accommodate the development of a new residential apartment building on Caroline street.

The final decision allowed for the movement of the location of the trail, with $83,000 and 700 square feet of land to go to the City of Waterloo, and the trail to be re-routed through a commercial parking lot in return.  Some residents attending the council meeting expressed concerns about the lack of consultation with users of the trail, along with what kind of precedence moving trails to accomodate the developer would set.

More details of the sale is covered in local news, and some coverage of the meeting on Twitter can be reviewed here.

Ultimately, with the rapid growth spurred by KW’s technology and other sectors, the worlds eyes are increasingly on KW.  This means we have the opportunity to really set the bar for how we want our community to evolve!  Here’s to continuing to develop a collective vision and engage as community members to help our region face the complexities of embracing development and conserving our natural environment.

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