Green Rocket is back online!

Green Rocket is back online!

Hey K-W – we’re back!

In case you haven’t noticed with our recent Twitter campaign launch… we are ecstatic to be back online with our new website, and vast amount of opportunities!

Five years ago in June 2008, Green Rocket evolved from a curiosity about the potential for digital media to connect individuals and community movements while our co-founder Nicole was immersed in Amsterdam’s blogging scene.   Since then, Green Rocket has localized the online model to Kitchener-Waterloo, with the generous support of the City of Kitchener (, and several private funders.

While redesigning our digital front, Green Rocket took a break from maintaining our online presence to establish a model for building connections and collaboration offline in the local environmental community.  We’ve had numerous & exciting initiatives develop since 2010, including a few firsts!  Check all them out on our Community Projects page to find out how to volunteer and stay up to date.

Below are some highlights for Green Rocket, from the past year:

  • Green Book: this soon-to-be-released directory of local environmental organizations opened connections between multiple groups.  The directory is the first of its kind, and we are looking forward to collaboratively hosting it on our site!
  • In another first, Green Rocket was excited to co-host Waterloo Region’s first ever Environmental Networking Event (#WRENE), which brought together over 70 individuals and organizations.  This event consisted of facilitated networking activities to establish and strengthen community connections, as well as flush out collaboration opportunities between working groups.  Our next event will be in September 2013!  – stay tuned for details by contacting
  • Green Hub – first presented publicly at WRENE 2012 (but with deeper origins!), the Green Hub proposal aims to create a space for innovation, collaboration and community connection to flourish.  It encompasses a digital and offline component, the Green Hub concept is an extension of Green Rocket’s very mission in collaboration with Felix Munger, Kevin Thomason, and multiple other community partners.
  • …and other projects to promote knowledge and resource sharing, such as: Green Funding Database & Available space inventory (ASI) – these projects represent ongoing collaborations that grew from #WRENE 2012!  When completed, they will provide a list of funding available for environmental groups, and space available to rent for hosting community events, respectively.

Changes are happening fast in Kitchener-Waterloo, and here at Green Rocket we are empowered and inspired going into the next phases of planning for how we can foster connectedness and collaborative, sustainable action in this community.   We are looking forward to working with you along the way!  Check out all the opportunities for you to get involved at

-Nicole McCallum & Jared Foxworthy, Co-Executive Directors, Green Rocket